Bound Guardian Angel Update

Bound Guardian AngelBecause I’ve received so many question about when Trace’s book will be published, I thought I should write a Bound Guardian Angel update.

I originally wanted to publish Bound Guardian Angel at the end of summer. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. The reasons for this are many

The Bad News 

  • I’m not one to hide what’s going on in my life, and those who follow me on Facebook know I was diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary late last year. It’s benign, but it could still kill me if I don’t deal with it. I tried some non-traditional therapy, and while this has stabilized the tumor and alleviated a lot of my symptoms, recent tests revealed that the tumor is still there, so now I need to go on to phase two of treatment since phase one didn’t work. Hopefully, I won’t need brain surgery, but that’s still a possibility. I find out more next Monday. But this is obviously my number one priority right now and has impacted both my focus and the amount of time I have to write.
  • I’ve had some professional obligations that reduced the amount of time I thought I would have to write, which greatly influenced finishing Bound Guardian Angel.
  • Trace and Cordray weren’t talking to me, which made it especially hard to write their story.
  • The Strong Karma Trilogy demanded my attention, and since it was the story that was talking, I wrote that.

The Good News

  • The first draft of Bound Guardian Angel is finished and has been beta read. However, based on feedback, my character’s voices, and my own writer’s intuition, I need to do major revisions before the book is ready. But I’m working on it as we speak. But I refuse to publish a story I don’t feel lives up to either my expectations or my readers’ expectations. Trace’s story is too important to short-change, and I want to do it justice, not just toss it out there to get it over with.
  • The Strong Karma Trilogy is finally finished and all three books published, which means the AKM books are all talking again, including Bound Guardian Angel. If you’re interested in checking out Strong Karma, here are the Amazon links:
    • Good Karma, book 1 – currently FREE
    • Coming Back To You, book 2
    • Full Circle, book 3
    • (The reviews have been outstanding, and based on reader feedback, this trilogy has touched readers in a manner similar to how the AKM books have. Lots of laughter, tears, and joy, as well as a few personal epiphanies and one resulting pregnancy—LOL—have been relayed to me by fans.)
  • I’ve removed several professional obligations from my plate for 2016 and beyond. This means fewer distractions to take me away from writing…and more time to write. Thank God, because I’ve got a lot of AKM books to write.
  • Trace and Cordray (along with a kabillion other AKM characters) have started talking to me again.

A Final Word on Bound Guardian Angel

In the last couple of months, in preparation for revising Bound Guardian Angel, I reread all the AKM books, updated my series bible, reviewed all my notes, and began jotting down new notes. As I did, an interesting thing happened. I began to see how Bound Guardian Angel’s first draft was really 3-5 stories in one and that Trace nor Cordray really got the attention they deserved or needed.

I’ve begun creating a working outline for how I’m going to split out the material into the next 3-5 books and devote more of Bound Guardian Angel to the lucky couple. As I do, I’ve revealed another interesting point. Due to the content, these next 3-5 books will be very closely tied to one another. What I’m trying to do during the remainder of 2015 is redraft Bound Guardian Angel and draft the next few books. My plan is to write them together, revise them together, edit them together, and then publish them back-to-back next year. This way, the wait you’ve endured will be worth it when a lot of content will come out within a short time.

The most important thing to take from this is that I refuse to publish a story before it’s ready. I did that once before and regretted it. I don’t want to experience regret and give readers a sub-par book to read. You all deserve the best I can give, so that’s what I’m going to give you.

I also don’t want to reveal a publish date until I know the book is ready. I don’t like announcing a publish date and missing it, so from now on, I won’t do that until the book is in final edits and I’m ready to launch a preorder. But if you’re following me on Facebook, you’ll probably be able to tell how close things are getting to publish ready by the posts I make. Just sayin’. 😉

I hope this clears up the mystery and helps y’all understand where things stand with Bound Guardian Angel. Please let me know if you have further questions. And thank you for hanging in there. I love you guys!


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