Hitting the Spot

Book Series:

Forbidden Flowers #6

She’s never had the big O. He wants to show her what she’s been missing. If only she could get out of her own way long enough to let him. 

Emma has had her eye on Theo for months, but she’s been hesitant to make a move. After years of frustrating relationships that led to a lot of ho-hum in the bedroom, what’s the point? She’s incapable of experiencing the big O with a man, so maybe she should walk away now, while she still has a shred of dignity left.

That is until she learns that Theo is a legend with the ladies. Maybe he’s just the man to unleash what has remained locked inside her for far too long.

What Emma doesn’t know is that Theo has had his eye on her, too, but too much has stood in the way between them until now. With the two of them living under the same roof while on vacation in Cabo, Theo isn’t willing to wait any longer to show Emma how much he’s thought about her since the day they met.

Will Theo succeed where others have failed, or will Emma prove to be a shell too hard to crack?

Anything can happen in Cabo.

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