Book Series:

Forbidden Flowers #5

His loud music infuriated her. His persistence annoyed her. But the way he looks at her under the stars just might break her. 

At eighteen, Taylor Ann Riley took a fledgling idea and turned it into a million-dollar venture. A week later, she left her dysfunctional, cultish family and never looked back.

Free from the oppression she endured since birth, Taylor trades her pretty-princess wardrobe for one more akin to a biker’s babe, gets a tattoo, dyes her hair, and begins exploring the pleasures of men, only to be disappointed time and again. Meanwhile, she builds her company into a global brand and sells it to become one of the wealthiest women in the world.

Now Taylor has formed a new company, and she has no time for men and relationships, especially when they’ve been so dissatisfying.

Then she meets Ryker, a noisy neighbor who needs to learn some respect.

A professional athlete, Ryker recently broke off his four-year engagement after his fiancée cheated on him. Deeply burned and still not over the breakup, Ryker doesn’t want a relationship either. But after the gorgeous, tattooed spitfire filled with attitude chews him out for playing his music too loud, he wants to prove that where other men have failed her, he will not just succeed, but exceed.

Ryker wants to ruin Taylor for other men. All she needs to do is let him. Will she give him the chance to prove he has what it takes to rock her world, or will she let the opportunity get away?

Don’t miss this fiery, fast-paced enemies to lovers romance!

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  9.  . . .more to come