Choose Me

Book Series:

Banger Trilogy – Book 1

First he wants to buy her company, then he wants to win her heart. She refuses to give him either. But in business—and love—the only thing sweeter than negotiating the deal is closing it.

Greyson gave up trying to find a woman who fit into his complicated life years ago. Instead, he focused on expanding his sporting goods empire. Now he has set his sights on acquiring Freedom Cycle, an innovative but geographically challenged bicycle manufacturer that needs his company’s global connections. With Freedom’s owner retiring soon, and his daughter, Katherine, set to take over, now is the time to strike.

Before moving into the corner office, Katherine’s best friend plans a night of celebration at a popular new nightclub. As a single mother, she has no interest in a long-term relationship, but with her children spending the summer with their father, a short fling isn’t out of the question. When she spies Greyson watching her from across the room, she thinks she’s found her man, completely unaware that he’s maneuvering to seize control of her company.

After one night of passion, neither is prepared for the sensual, wicked ride fate has in store for them. Before summer is over, everything they thought they knew will come crashing down, long-held family secrets will be revealed, and scandals neither could have imagined will shatter their reality. Will the hope and unfettered desire they’ve found in each other be enough to survive the fallout, or will one fleeting summer be all they share?

The Banger Trilogy is a wickedly hot, slow burn binge read with jaw-dropping twists that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Books in the Banger Trilogy, in reading order:

  1. Choose Me
  2. Covet Me
  3. Cherish Me