Book Series:

Forbidden Flowers #4

A wrong turn brings two broken hearts together for one unforgettable weekend.

After the inability to have children ended her marriage eight years ago, Journey Monroe has turned her focus toward running her business. Marriage and children are the last things on her mind.

Fate has other plans.

After getting lost in a freak snowstorm, Journey takes a wrong turn and skids into a ditch. Mysterious mountain man “Paul” rescues her, patches up the bump on her head, and offers to let her stay with him until the storm passes and he can get her car back on the road.

Paul has experienced his own share of tragedy, losing his wife to a drunk driving accident several years ago. The loss has left him cold, lonely, and abrasive. But as Journey’s presence warms his home—and his heart—he realizes how much he’s missed a woman’s company.

Before the weekend is over, Journey and Paul will become everything the other needs. But will they recognize what they’ve found with each other in time to let fate finish the job, or will they realize only too late that Journey’s wrong turn was no accident?

Dr. O returns with a Forbidden Flowers story that will grab your heart and squeeze.

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