Book Series:

Forbidden Flowers, book 1

Some men get better with age, not older.

Jordan always thought dating an older man would be gross. Then a chance meeting with a provocative older man makes her reconsider. Even as they eat lunch across the room from each other, their connection is hot enough to set the air on fire.

In the weeks that follow, Gabe endlessly seduces Jordan, tempting her to the point of frustration. But even a man as patient as Gabe can hold out for only so long before he gives them what they both want, taking his seduction to its grand conclusion.

But will the passion Jordan found with Gabe flicker out after only one night? Or become an eternal flame neither can extinguish?

Written from the perspective of a woman recounting her most memorable intimate experience to a clinical psychologist conducting research for her next book, Sushi is a short but sizzling May to December romance that will leave you feeling like anything but cold fish.

The Forbidden Flowers Series also contains:

  1. Sushi
  2. Meet Me at Midnight
  3. Jaw Breaker
  4. Sacred
  5. Noise
  6. Hitting
  7. Show and Tell
  8. Rough Ride
  9. …more to come

NOTE: The Forbidden Flowers books will be available in Kindle Unlimited for only a short while longer, then they will be made available everywhere.