2018 – A Year of New Beginnings

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to say goodbye to 2017. During the past year, it felt like everything went wrong, but as the year comes to an end, I’m feeling optimistic about 2018. Everything seems to be coming together now, and I plan on taking that momentum into the new year, starting with the relaunch of the newly branded Banger books, which go live tomorrow, New Year’s Day.

The Banger Books

The Banger books and I have had quite a ride since I wrote them in 2016. The first book came out in October of that year. The last Banger book was published in April of 2017. A boxed set released in July. For reasons too numerous to list, these books just never took off. From the use of a new pen name (Dick Hertz), to marketing them for Kindle Unlimited, to Amazon declaring the original titles as too “adult content” to list in their store, to the cover itself, and so much more, these books never resonated with readers.

Readers who did read the Banger books LOVED them! One book blogger/reviewer has even declared the Banger Series as one of her top reads of 2017. And, despite low sales, the books received a total of 56 reviews for an average 4.9 out of 5 rating on Amazon.

The Problem

Readers’ positive reaction to Banger tells me there is nothing wrong with the actual story. The problem was with the branding. That’s on me. Totally on me.

In this new age of publishing, indie authors like me often experiment with new ideas and ways of doing things. Sometimes these ideas work out great. Other times, they bomb. My original branding of Banger bombed.

So, without making a lot of excuses, I decided to completely rebrand them. I took a step back, carefully considered the story, consulted with a few of my regular readers who never bought the books, and spent a lot of time studying what drew erotic romance readers to a new book visually. What I learned is that readers didn’t like the original 7-book format, the original cover was too “in your face” with the man abs, and my alternate pen name, while funny, failed to connect readers to me, Donya Lynne, who they’ve come to rely on for a certain type of story.

The Fix

To correct the problem, I first ditched the Dick Hertz pen name. Then I took the books from seven to three for a tight and manageable trilogy. I also created new titles that reflected each of the three phases of the story. Finally, I worked with my cover artist, Reese Dante, to create a dramatic and sensually appealing visual representation of each book. I think you’ll agree she hit it out of the park. These are my favorite covers in my entire backlist. I can’t be more in love with them.

The series is still called the Banger Series, but each book now has a unique title to differentiate it from the rest (the original 7-book series, didn’t). Choose me is book 1, Covet Me is book 2, and Cherish Me is book 3.

The Story

This series has it all:

  • Humor
  • Conflict
  • Drama
  • Crazy-hot sex
  • Family secrets
  • Cheating exes
  • Lies
  • Deceit
  • Shocks
  • Surprises
  • Unexpected twists.

My original goal with Banger was to write a spoofy, semi-humorous, semi-serious anti-romance that turned the “big dick” trope on its back. You know what I’m talking about. A lot of romance books have a hero who is hung like horse. And he ends up falling for a virginal maiden who has never seen a penis, let alone had one inside her. But despite this biologically disastrous match made in the depths of sadistic irony, the virginal maiden is able to take the hero’s ginormous super penis with very little effort and find unending pleasure as he pounds into her.

My lady bits are quivering in mortification just thinking about that.

In reality, even the most experienced streetwalker would take one look at a super shlong the size of a Genoa salami on steroids and issue a refund, throwing the money back at her john while sprinting away in the opposite direction and shouting, “No habla big penis!”

That’s the approach I wanted to take with Banger. I wanted that massive penis to be the curse that it is in real life. I also wanted to explore how having a King Kong dong (or “porn cock,” as one female in the story described it) would effect my hero. The result is both comical and dramatic, as well as incredibly erotic (because I believe there’s someone made for everyone, and in Banger, there is most definitely a woman who was made to be the perfect fit for my hero, and oh, how hot the fire grows once he finds her and can finally let himself go!).

So, if you haven’t given Banger a chance yet, maybe now you will. If you like erotic romance stuffed with lots of conflict, drama, twists, and turns, this is the story for you! See the listings for each book under my book list for blurbs and links.

Year of Focus and a Fresh Start

Not only will the Banger books get a new beginning in 2018, but so will I. I was sick for most of 2017, severely broke my big toe on my left foot, then severely sprained by left ankle a few months after my big toe healed. I’m no longer sick, and my ankle is on the mend, but I’m ready to put the year behind me and get a new beginning in the new year.

I plan on focusing most of my energy on writing this year. My goal to write 500,000 words and at least six new books. I’m also planning some kind of promotion or giveaway every month, so make sure you’re following me on Facebook, Twitter, BookBub, and subscribe to my newsletter.

And with that, have a happy and healthy 2018! And I promise to do a better job of keeping my website updated in the new year.


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