Jaw Breaker

Book Series:

Forbidden Flowers, book 3

There’s big, then there’s Greyson.

Dr. O returns in Jaw Breaker with another research subject ready to tell all about the most memorable intimate experience of her life. And not even the country’s leading expert in women’s sexuality is prepared for what she’s about to hear.

Katherine isn’t made like other women, and only a man who’s packing can scratch her itch. And not just packing, but overloaded. What most women can’t handle is exactly what she needs, and she’s all but given up on finding it.

Then she meets Greyson, and her prayers are answered. But can a good thing last?

NOTE: Those who’ve read the Banger Trilogy already know the story of Katherine and Greyson. Those who haven’t will want to after reading Jaw Breaker.

Books in the Forbidden Flowers Series:

  1. Sushi
  2. Meet Me at Midnight
  3. Jaw Breaker
  4. Sacred
  5. Noise
  6. Hitting
  7. Show and Tell
  8. Rough Ride
  9. …more to come

NOTE: The Forbidden Flowers books will be available in Kindle Unlimited for only a short while longer, then they will be made available everywhere.