Cherish Me

Book Series:

Banger Trilogy – Book 3

Family secrets and betrayals threaten to destroy the love Katherine and Greyson have found with each other.

After his mother re-enters his life and brings scandalous family secrets with her, Greyson’s world implodes. Unable to cope with his mother’s confession and the new reality it reveals, he pushes Katherine away.

Katherine had been ready to take the plunge with Greyson, so his shocking abandonment leaves her broken hearted and inconsolable. But it doesn’t take long for her own family secrets to reveal a betrayal so devastating it shreds her last thread of sanity.

Lost and confused with Greyson to ground her, Katherine decides it’s time to put her focus back on her kids and accept that her summer fling is over, no matter how much she wanted it to continue into autumn, winter, and forever. With all that’s come to light, there’s too much working against them.

But Greyson isn’t the type to surrender without a fight. He is determined to win Katherine back, even if he has to push her further than he ever has. But will Katherine be so easily wooed? Especially when there are things they still don’t know about each other?

Don’t miss the shocking conclusion to the Banger Trilogy.

The Banger Trilogy in reading order:

  1. Choose Me
  2. Covet Me
  3. Cherish Me