Samantha “Sam”

SaSamantha - Brittany Danielm Garrett is an ex-Army medic who fled her abusive husband and went into hiding as an exotic dancer before saving Micah’s life and sealing her fate. She’s a spitfire and gives as good as she gets. Micah teases her about her “puny Beretta,” to which she replies that he has a “sissy Sig Sauer.” Don’t ever dis Sam’s gun. When she was almost killed at the hands of dreck, Apostle, Micah illegally gave her his venom to save her life, thus changing her into his davala, which is an immortal, once-human mate of a male vampire. Sam is now neither human nor vampire, and that’s just fine by Micah.

Mate: Micah Black

Best friends: Trace

Muse: Brittany Daniel