279575089338355106_yBLC3K5y_c (2)An elegant, sophisticated male, Trevor is Gina’s best friend, and the former lover of Gina’s brother, Gabe. He wants more than anything to find a mate, but he knows fate can’t be rushed. Trevor runs the Knights of Justice, or KOJU, in Florida with his ex-boyfriend, Talon Justice. At one time, KOJU was an AKM agency, but now they operate apart from AKM, but still with the king’s blessing. KOJU’s focus is more on human criminal activity than drecks, but they also run surveillance on the growing Dacian population in Florida, a concern that reaches all the way to the king. As the AKM world evolves, KOJU will once more become an important factor in King Bain’s efforts to maintain rule.

MUSE: Alejandro Corzo