Apostle-Dimitris KoulouliasGoing by the name John Apostle, Apostle is a dreck whose lineage stems all the way back to the first war. His ancestor was Teo, a dreck promised to Premier Argon’s daughter, Abrial, before the vampire king’s son, Rysk, mated her. Bad blood has existed in Teo’s line ever since. Apostle is a twin, and his brother, Deacon, was accidentally killed in his place when Trace retaliated for Apostle’s attack on Micah and Samantha. Now Apostle suffers at the hands of his brother, Bishop, who despises Apostle for letting his brother die. Exposed to experiments and genetic mutations against his will, Apostle finds that he’s becoming a freak. Nothing more than a Frankenstein monster as his genetic makeup fuses with vampire genes injected into his body. He needs to escape his brother, but to do so means he will have to lose everything, including his identity.

MUSE: Dimitris Kouloulias

Mate: Will he mate? Hmm. We’ll see.