Winter’s Fire

Book Series:

Winter's Fire-600x900Ex-Army sniper Sam Winter is home from the war. But it wasn’t an act of heroism that got him medically discharged. After his team found out he was gay, they beat him so severely he was forced to retire. Now, at his family’s horse farm in Kentucky, Sam faces not only an uncertain future, but his father’s condemnation and prejudice, as well. The one thing he is certain about are his feelings for his best friend, Cooper Brown, who Sam has secretly been attracted to since high school.

For years, Cooper has harbored his own secret attraction for Sam. But when Sam left to join the Army, Coop never got the chance to tell Sam how he felt. Now that Sam is home, Coop doesn’t intend to make the same mistake twice.

When Coop and Sam finally reveal their secrets to one another, the bonds of friendship expand in ways neither thought possible. As his relationship with Coop grows stronger, Sam feels he is finally on course, especially when he discovers a new career path. But when an infernal stable fire threatens the family business, shocking, long-hidden truths will be forced into the light, changing Sam’s life forever.