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Micah Black thought he was the last of his bloodline. He was wrong. Dead wrong.  Micah just found out he has a brother. Ronan, the cat burglar who broke into his apartment and stole the ankh he’d been entrusted...


“He says we’ll have the perfect life. More like the perfect lie.”   My name is Max. I’m a con man. A good one, too. One of the best. But I’m tired of looking over my shoulder, waiting for...

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2016 and Beyond

I’m so excited about the new year! There’s so much going on right now, and I’ll admit it’s a bit of a whirlwind to try and keep up with it all, but let me see if I can get everything summarized as quickly as I can here. First, two of my books hit a bestseller…

Bound Guardian Angel Update

Because I’ve received so many question about when Trace’s book will be published, I thought I should write a Bound Guardian Angel update. I originally wanted to publish Bound Guardian Angel at the end of summer. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. The reasons for this are many The Bad News  I’m not one to hide what’s…

Write More in Less Time

I think that at one time or another, every author has wondered how they could write more in less time. Is it possible? If so, what’s the secret? The answer is so simple and something you’ve heard so many times. You’re going to say, “Really? Is it really that easy?” And my answer is, “Yes.…


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