Reading Order

All the King’s Men Series (AKM Worlds)

Books listed in order of publication, which is how I recommend they be read for full effect:

  1. Rise of the Fallen
  2. Heart of the Warrior
  3. Micah’s Calling
  4. Rebel Obsession
  5. Return of the Assassin
  6. All the King’s Men – The Beginning
  7. Bound Guardian Angel
  8. BLACK (forthcoming)
  9. Micah’s Bride (forthcoming free short story)

Strong Karma Series

  1. Good Karma
  2. Coming Back To You
  3. Full Circle
  4. Good Things Come (forthcoming)

Banger (writing as Dick Hertz)

I know this one is pretty self-explanatory, but since it is one of my series, why not include it, right?

  1. Banger, Part 1
  2. Banger, Part 2
  3. Banger, Part 3
  4. Banger, Part 4
  5. Banger, Part 5
  6. Banger, Part 6
  7. Banger, Part 7

Other Books Written by Donya Lynne

  • Finding Lacey Moon
  • Winter’s Fire
  • Little Things
  • Suspicion (an Infidelity World novella)
  • Savage Storm (forthcoming)